Ann Frances Roberts Morley




Ann would be so proud to know (and perhaps she does as she looks down on us from her place with the angels) that her art endures and continues to be loved by those who knew her in this life as well as those who have been newly introduced to her work. We are still enthralled with the beauty and whimsy that she was able to create on wood, canvas or in her ceramic pieces with simple brush and sponge.


Time passes much too swiftly as we mark each new anniversary of Ann's passing and fondly remember her and her artistic gift.


"Two of my uncles were artists - one gave me a book on "How to Draw" and "The Color Wheel" when I was small. So all my life I've been doing something in art. When I was 48, circumstances demanded I become a self-proclaimed professional and charge for my efforts. Now after 20 years I have a broad range of styles from small island girls to larger pieces with acrylic as the medium. Gauguin is the artist that has been the main person I've admired but the colors I use are a subconscious memory of that little book given me a long time ago."

Known primarily as "Frantic" she has also applied her considerable talent to her own hand crafted ceramic pieces. Regional artist Ann Frantic's lively, energetic work is currently carried by various galleries in the Southeast and appears in many private collections throughout the country.



We are currently offering a wonderful array of Frantic pieces for purchase -

these items have sizes and pricing details shown beside each piece.

As always we offer timed payments at no interest for the convenience of our customers.



Works shown in the NFS (not for sale) section have been sold previously and

are respectfully shown as a tribute to Ann

and her rich and varied body of work.








"Gold Woman"


Lovely, colorful, purely Frantic

acrylic on 3 layers of wood with gold leaf

14 7/8" x 16 1/2"



Left front detail

Right front detail

"Island Girl

with Yellow Mountain"


24 1/8" x 12 3/16"

acrylic on wood

This beautiful Frantic Island Girl and Yellow Mountain painting

is on layered wood ready to hang




"Island Girls

with Parrot"


32" x 38"

acrylic on wood

This beautiful iconic Frantic Island Girls painting is uniquely signed twice - A. Morley on lower left and Frantic on lower right. We will be happy to provide more detailed photos upon request.





"Black Hat"


27" x 32"

acrylic on wood

Ann's Black Hat has always

been a favorite of collectors. This is a lovely example!












"Lady with Fan"


Painted in acrylic on layered wood, the outer surround self frames the central painting

of this elegant Island Lady

18" x 24"

additional photos provided on request


Detail left

Detail right



The fluid movement and brilliant colors of this large, wood framed mermaid are pure Frantic

50 1/4" x 14 1/4"


"Cave Painting - Transition"


35 7/8" x 23 3/4"

a dramatic and boldly colorful Frantic on layered wood with applied gold leaf




"Island Girl"


On layered wood with applied gold leaf surround

frame is plain bronze, brushed aluminum with glass

overall measurements with frame

16.5" x 15.5"

additional closeup photos furnished upon request

15.5" x 14"

(painting size)




Close-up view

Other images available on request

These beautifully handpainted ceramic tiles featuring many of Ann's favorite subjects will make a dazzling display!

The set is composed of 24 individual tiles.

The entire piece measures 24" wide by 16" high.








"Surprise Box"


Beautiful Frantic

cigar box painted inside and out with her applied ceramic pieces on the lid and a loose ceramic cross inside.

The box measures

9" x 8 1/4" x 1   1/2"

The cross measures

6 1/4" x 3 3/8"





"Surprise Box"


5" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" high

lovely ceramic box

with pharoah (removeable)

inside - his surprise message - Hi!

showcases Ann's delightful sense of humor




"Small Vase with Handle"


sweet ceramic vase

lovely size

5" x 4 1/8" w

(including handle)



"Fish Plate"


10" x 6"




a sweet example of

Frantic's playful fish painted with nice, colorful detail in acrylic on layered wood

16" x 8"


Detail left side

Detail right side




very large, wood framed, beautiful


50 1/4" x 14 1/4"


"Reclining Pharoah"


nice ceramic piece

5" x 3 1/2" x 4"



Madonna and Child

14" x 22"

painting size

Size overall including solid wood frame - 17" x 25" approx.

acrylic on wood

circa 1980's






The Kiss


Ceramic Plate

7" x 7"



Two Shaman Figures

with medallions

unglazed ceramic

available as a pair or individually

These are not signed but were made by Ann. The stands are wood and are not original to the pieces - Shaman are not attached to the wood stands.


Each figure measures approximately 6" wide x 7" tall x 5 1/2" deep minus the hair height andnot including the stand.

$200 each or $350 for the pair







great double sided painting

Island Dwellers on one side and Mermaid with fish on the other.

Acrylic on wood

48" x 24"




8 1/2" x 4"

ceramic merman with horns and small dish





"Carmen Miranda Vase"


ceramic vase

8" x 4"



Bathing Beauty


ceramic bowl with fish

5" x 3 3/4"




The paintings and ceramic pieces below are

shown as a tribute to Ann and her life's work.

   Items shown below are not for sale



"Noah's Ark"




"Adam and Eve"


   "Small Mermaid Dish"




"Carmen Miranda Vase"




"Madonna and Child with Holy Spirit Dove"



"Wall Pocket"

with cross pendant





"Black Hat"






"Two Island Girls"



"Flying Angel"



"Noah's Ark"


"Madonna Dove and Moon"

The dove in Frantic's paintings is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and its protection of the Saints.


"Yellow Mountain"






"Three Faces"




"Madonna and Child" (Two)



"Primitive Source"


"Black Hat"



"Wedding Procession"













"Sushi Chef"




"Fiesta !"



"Lascaux" #1


"Lascaux" #2






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